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  • Grasscity horrible shipping and horrible customer service

    I ordered something with grasscity almost two months ago. I signed up for a standard shipping which they said doesn't come with a tracking number. I try to pay more to get a tracking number but the process was taking over 2 weeks so i just told the customer service to ship my item to me. It's been over a month i checked all of the local post office like they said i can't find my package and the customer service person keeps telling me to wait for it. Other business usually would just ship another package with tracking number.I told the customer service person so many time... More...
    (Delivery Services)
    rahman1989's Picture   rahman1989    0 Comments   Comments
  • is great!

    First of all the are a legit company that I have had no problems with whatsoever. I don't understnad why other people are having problems. I feel as though if you just politely email them explaining your issues they will take care of it as soon as possible. That's what happened to me. I sent out for 3 things for my boyfriend for his birthday. Two came to him in one box and I was happy that he got those but confused one where the other was. I simply wrote them an email giving them my order number and explaining the whole thing to them and they replied to my email in two days... More...
    (Holiday shopping reviews)
    cassy14's Picture   cassy14    0 Comments   Comments
  • Grasscity is horrible, and completely unapologetic about it.

    Horrible customer service!!!!! They actually antagonize customers after messing up their orders. Not bad enough that my friend's Christmas present arrived broken in half (stout acrylic pipe... broken completely in half, base that was supposed to be included missing, entire piece DUSTY, and ZERO damage to the box it was shipped in), but then they refuse all responsibility. It arrived 6 weeks late to begin with, but I figured I could just add it in as a late present for my best friend (already had bought them something else, since this was held up in mail limbo for two months). Then it... More...
    (Holiday shopping reviews)
    dreadnaught27's Picture   dreadnaught27    0 Comments   Comments
  • wrong order & missing pieces to my order

    Grasscity does not care about their costumers! My order was #17705 a black leaf 3 arm percolator pink bong with an ashcatcher that sits on top a diffuser downstem. My order came with a black bong and ashcatcher with no downstem. When I contacted them they had the decency to ignore the simple order they messed up. Grasscity is worthless.... They only steal your $. Don't bother with them. They are a sad joke. Do not expect anything from them! More...
    zonastiie's Picture   zonastiie    0 Comments   Comments
  • awesome site review

    Really don't get the issues some people have with with Grasscity, they are LEGIT, no other website has the amount of stuff they have and the prices are unmatched. Great CS and I get my peices always and on time, sometimes a little delay during the holiday traffic, but all in in all no reason to complain, it's hard as hell to get similar stuff from where I'm from in the US. Grasscity fro life! Check theri facebook pages at legit?? Hell YA TokerStoker More...
    tokerstoker's Picture   tokerstoker    1 Comments   Comments
  • Beware

    Beware I ordered products on February 20 and they charged my credit card right away. It's March 16 and I still have not received anything. I have left many messages for "Support" by email and through their website and not one has been returned. Their phone line for support is just a recording that refers you to their website. I left 3 voice mails and none was returned. Their support is non-existent. Save yourself a lot of wasted time and expense; shop elsewhere. More...
    Wildblue's Picture   Wildblue    4 Comments   Comments
  • Caveat emptor

    Stay away from Grasscity. I ordered my goods on 12/1/2010. Grasscity charged my credit card on 12/4/2010. It's now 2/12/2011 and I still don't have my product. When I told Grasscity that I would complain to my credit card company Grasscity threatened to tell "my bank the nature of their business." Got that Grasscity is a snitch. Caveat emptor. More...
    AbeVigoda's Picture   AbeVigoda    0 Comments   Comments
  • disappointed complaint review

    I have had nothing but bad experiences with this website... I ordered my products and didn't receive shipping information... 3 weeks later I asked for an update and was told that they didn't have all items in stock even though the website said they did... then got an email saying that customs will probably sieze the package and that I couldn't have a refund if that happened and that I couldn't really ever have a refund for that matter... it's now about 2 months after I placed my order and I haven't heard anything else, my debit card has been charged twice... More...
  • rip off/stole my money

    if you have trouble placing a order with a debit card, do not select "cash payment method" your money will be as good as gone. stop and think, if a company wont except money orders and want u to stuff bills in an envelope should sound big time alarms!!!!! I can't believe I was dumb enough to sent them my hard earn dough, the best they could do was ask me to send more. shop ""and you"ll have no troubles with them at all. More...
    jay5's Picture   jay5    0 Comments   Comments Reviews By Product Comments

kimberlane says: (6 years ago)
after a year. never got my stuff i ordered. never got any resouloution. wouldn't even give me my money back DON'T EVER GO HERE FOR ANYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rayzappz says: (6 years ago)

Rayzappz says: (6 years ago)

kmaryjane says: (7 years ago)
grasscity isn't in my emails so i can't check my order number or anything, but does grasscity have brokers?

xxRIPDABONGxx says: (7 years ago)
I signed up on this site and posted my first thread that was only telling people what kind grow systems I use, and some jerkoff moderator deleted it for some stupid reason. I'm pretty sure it was budslinger.. Anyways i messaged one of the moderators and asked for some help and nobody lifted a finger to help in any way. So after being ignored for awhile I got pissed off and told the moderator that if he is going to hate on my thread and delete it just because my grow system probably spanks his 10 times over, then i will go elsewhere to offer my knowledge. After that they deleted my account. There was no need for that dude to be a prick, he could of easily helped me but didn't give one shit to do so, oh and not to mention that just about everybody on that site has a joke of a grow system from what I saw...I wouldn't take any advice from these amatures on even building the simplest grow system.

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